blockchain use case

Gold grid lines.

blockchain use case

Elkrem Allows the Creation of Blockchain IoT Devices

Elkrem is taking a giant leap into the future by merging the worlds of IoT (Internet of Things) and cryptocurrency. What kind of future does this hold?

The Increasing Demand for Blockchain Bonds

Both governments and banks from around the world are testing and implementing blockchain bond programs. How do these bonds differ from traditional bonds, and how can they change the future of finance?

Can Blockchain Carbon Offsetting Save the Planet?

Blockchain is being used to tokenize carbon assets, helping to make carbon offsetting more accessible. Read our article which explains it all.

How Blockchain Will Combat Bias in News Reporting

The advertising dollar funds journalism, but fear of losing revenue from controversial stories causes bias in news reporting. We show how blockchain helps.

Why the Big Four Accounting Firms Care About Blockchain

The Big 4 accounting firms are all getting ready for blockchain to transform the world of financial services and audit. Find out what they are up to.

Blockchain and the Insurance Industry: The Coming Revolution

Learn how blockchain and the insurance industry present a myriad of opportunities like transparency, trust, efficiency, and even fraud detection.

How Blockchain Can Help the Homeless

Blockchain projects are being used to help the homeless gain access to services by providing them with a much needed digital identity – and more.

Blockchain, Digital Advertising, and the Great Escape

Blockchain in media and entertainment using digital advertising fundamentally clashes with the very nature of cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain and the Battle Against Corruption & Fraud

“Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep…