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blockchain use cases

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blockchain use cases

Can Blockchain Climate Change Initiatives Help Fight Global Warming?

Blockchain climate change initiatives show promise in meeting climate change goals, including tracking investment and emissions. We explain how.

Blockchain Uses | Where Can Crypto Make a Real Difference?

With all of the hype around cryptocurrency, have we forgotten some of the major fundamental reasons for blockchain uses? Let’s return to those uses.

Interview: Zilliqa Team on Sharding, Scalability, and Secure Smart Contracts

Zilliqa will launch it’s secure, scalable mainnet in Q1 2019. We caught up with CEO Xinshu Dong & CMO Yiling Ding from the team to learn more about it.

Blockchain Land Registry: The New Kid on the Block

Blockchain land registry programs are becoming a viable solution in places where record keeping has been diminished. Learn about the top programs here.

Blockchain Automotive: Making Knight Rider Proud

Blockchain automotive technologies continue to be researched by the largest auto manufacturers in the world. Here’s what the top ones are up to.

How Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Meets Blockchain

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has become a popular means of digital outsourcing. But what does it mean for blockchain? We find out how they converge.