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Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain – What Are the Possibilities?

Many people speculate as to whether the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies will reinforce each other, or end up crashing hard.

How Can Marketplaces Benefit from Blockchain?

The time has come to disrupt the disrupters. Airbnb, eBay, Uber–the blockchain marketplace will likely remove the need for all of them unless they adjust.

Hiring Blockchain Developer Talent Is the New Industry Challenge

The talent wars for blockchain are on. Read how hiring blockchain developer talent has never been harder, and what employers can do about it.

Blockchain Logistics – Changing the World or Just Marketing Hype?

Supply chain and logistics are industries in need of real change. Blockchain startups have continued to pop up over the last few years to challenge existing companies with their mostly inefficient logistical practices. Cryptocurrency projects like VeChain Thor and Waltonchain are leading…

Here’s How Blockchain Is Shaking Up Logistics

Moving sets of data around the world is relatively simple, but when it comes to moving physical objects, logistics can be a real hassle. Can blockchain help?

Malta’s Steve Tendon Says Blockchains Will Change the Shape of the World

Steve Tendon is one of the key personalities behind Malta, The Blockchain Island. With plans including smart governance, the latest laws are just the beginning.

Blockchain Can Combat Counterfeiting in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Counterfeiting is a big issue for pharmaceutical supply chains, who face legislative measures to stop it from happening. Blockchain can help.

Blockchain in the Music Industry – What Opportunities Lie Ahead?

Artists usually don’t make for good business people. After all, they would prefer to focus on their craft. And typically they don’t have access to marketers, lawyers and managers which makes it easier for middlemen to exploit them compared to…

Top Eight Government Blockchain Programs From Around the World

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, many governments are embracing blockchain. Here are the top eight government blockchain programs from around the world.

Top 5 Startups in the Blockchain Solar Energy Space

Blockchain lends itself to many an industry, but it’s working out especially well in the energy sector with blockchain solar energy startups growing in numbers.