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Blockchain in Government: Making Operations More Efficient

Blockchain in government brings several innovations via new systems for national cryptocurrencies, identity management, voting, and taxes.

Top 5 Ways Blockchain Will Disrupt the Travel Industry

Waiting in line, losing your baggage, getting delayed, hating your hotel. If ever an industry were asking for blockchain disruption, it’s the travel industry.

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Blockchain Military Applications – the Future Tech of the Armed Forces

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Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous, and That’s Ok.

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Blockchain Data Storage Could Soon Be The New Standard

Here’s how blockchain data storage has the potential to offer much-improved security solutions compared to traditional database technologies.

Why Blockchain Asset Tracking Is Not Just for the Super-Rich

An Aboriginal community in rural Australia. A diamond dealer in Antwerp, Belgium. A used car salesman in the UK. A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland. What could they possibly all…