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What We Learned from the CTR Coin Scam

The Centra (CTR coin) scam is a cautionary tale for investors. We look at what happened and what we’ve learned to help avoid future ICO scams.

Crypto-Endorsements Gone Sour | A Celebrity Special

Crypto-endorsements are turning out to be the cryptocurrency industry’s new way of pumping up coins. However, not all projects are succeeding.

Crypto Monitors Regulate Blockchain To Pull Your Assets From the Fire

Crypto monitors function as regulatory czars to establish cryptocurrency regulations, and this arises out of the need to protect investors. A regulation defines a rule of order prescribed by an…

Off to the Races: The Four Cards Competing to be Crypto’s Top Payment Option

Cryptocurrency cards (TenX, Monaco, Centra, TokenCard) enable you to spend your digital assets at any merchant, even if they don’t accept crypto.