Gold grid lines.


Ethereum Classic, Consensys, Bitmain, and More: Crypto Startups Are Feeling the Price Dip

The 2018 price dip has been bloody, and no one has felt the impact more than crypto startups. Hundreds have shut down, with hundreds more laying off staff.

uPort’s Danny Zuckerman on Self-Sovereign Identity

In May 2018, Facebook exploited the personal data of almost 100 million people, firmly placing data privacy and security as hot topics of national conversation. But even before the Facebook…

What is Gridcoin?

The Gridcoin platform creates a supercomputer-like environment by combining every user’s computational power on the network. This computational power is then used by researchers to further their studies. Current projects…

ConsenSys Bounties Network Simona Pop on Building a World on Bounties

ConsenSys Bounties Network Simona Pop talks about building new ideas and a bounties system to change the way that people interact with the world.

What’s Behind the ConsenSys Expansion to Ireland? World-Class Talent For Starters

ConsenSys is always doing something new, and when it comes to Ethereum technology they’ve got the upper hand. Find out here what’s behind the move to Ireland.

Codex Protocol Partners with ConsenSys and Rare Art Labs for Live Auction at NYC Ethereal Summit

Today Codex, a blockchain title registry, announced their partnership with ConsenSys, a blockchain software development company and incubator founded by Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin,  to host a live charity auction during the Ethereal Summit.