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Hackers Still Favor Cryptojacking Malware Despite Bearish Cryptocurrency Market Conditions

According to a Checkpoint report, cryptocurrency mining malware has topped the 2018 threat index list despite the bear market. Learn more here.

NSA Tools Used to Unleash Crypto Mining Malware by Hackers

Hackers are now using software developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to illicitly mine cryptocurrencies. According to a recent report released by the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), compiled…

What Is Cryptojacking? Protect Yourself from This Year’s Biggest Cyber Crime

What is cryptojacking? You may have heard talk about this steadily growing cybercrime, but what exactly is it and what do you need to know to prevent it?

The Rise and Rise of Cryptojacking: What You Need to Know

Cryptojacking is 2018’s most popular cybercrime. Whether it’s in-browser of downloading malicious code, you need to know how to protect yourself.

Kaspersky Lab Reveals Scary Truths About Cybercrime and Cryptocurrency

Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s most respected antivirus software providers. Their recent reports on cybercrime and cryptocurrency are a little disturbing.

The Siacoin (SC) Internet Cafe Hack and the Rising Popularity of Cryptojacking

Hackers illegally mined $800,000 of Siacoin (SC) throughout 2017 and 2018. In this article, we look at the details of these internet cafe hacks and what this incident means for the future of cryptocurrency mining.

Is There a Bitcoin Conspiracy? The Top 7 Theories

Is there a Bitcoin conspiracy? Some believe strong forces are controlling the market from within the shadows. Learn about the top 7 BTC theories here.

China Arrests Trojan Developers Who Controlled over 1 Million Computers for Mining

Chinese Trojan developers arrested after being suspected of illicit control of over 300 million computers. A few have already been released on bail.

The Top 6 Crypto Confiscations of All Time

Governments are making millions off of confiscated crypto. Learn about the top 6 crypto confiscations of all time.

Hundreds of Websites Infected with Coinhive Software, Visitors Mine Monero Unawares

More than 300 websites that use the Drupal content management system were infected with Coinhive, a JavaScript software used to remotely mine Monero through a website visitor’s browser. Among others,…