decentralized cloud computing

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decentralized cloud computing

The Challenges of Cloud Computing and How Blockchain Can Help

The challenges of cloud computing are around supply and demand. Is decentralization the answer? We look at the present and future of cloud computing.

Blockchain’s Killer App? The Most Successful Distributed Computing Projects so Far

If blockchain has a killer app, it’s distributed computing. We round up the most successful distributed computing projects at the end of 2018.

The Future of Cloud Computing | Blockchain Will Have Its Day

The future of cloud computing is unfolding. Despite lots of hype around AI and big data, perhaps the biggest change will come from the field of Blockchain.

Power Mining Pool | What a Crypto Mining Scam Looks Like

Power Mining Pool had some clear early warning signs of a potential cloud mining Ponzi scams. Find out what you should look for in this case study.

Decentralized Internet – Affordable Resources And Privacy On The Web

Decentralized internet addresses privacy on the web, control over our personal data, and the desire for affordable resources. Learn more here.

What is Gridcoin?

The Gridcoin platform creates a supercomputer-like environment by combining every user’s computational power on the network. This computational power is then used by researchers to further their studies. Current projects…