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decentralized exchanges

What Is Kyber Network? | A Guide to the Asset Exchange Protocol

A guide covering everything on the decentralized exchange protocol including where to buy and store its KNC tokens.

What Is the Waves Platform? | The Ultimate Guide

What is the Waves platform? A guide explaining how the Waves platform works, the team behind the project, and where to buy/store the WAVES token.

Bitcoin Insurance Policies – What They Are and Do You Need Them

Given the history of exchange hacks, bitcoin insurance options are beginning to emerge. But are the current bitcoin insurance policies practical?

What is DDEX? The Decentralized Digital Exchange

DDEX exchange empowers wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies. Its great benefit is that you can securely trade tokens without having to open an account.

What is WAX | CoinCentral

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), is a global decentralized marketplace for video game virtual assets. It offers a smart contracts-based peer to peer marketplace.

Decred Unveils 2018 Roadmap: Decentralized Exchanges, Privacy Features, & More

The Decred’s formal roadmap settled for 2018 is about how the team plans to generate and release deliverables prior to building marketing hype for them.

Introducing AURA: The Staking Token Securing IDEX’s Future

The AURA token will help usher IDEX exchange into a new phase of complete decentralization. IDEX founders learn us about what makes this token tick.

Behind the Scenes of Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Secrets, Strategies, and More

Reputable leaders from well-known exchanges discuss the inner workings of their trading platforms and the methods they use to make trading safer.

Off to the Races: The Competition for the Most Popular Decentralized Exchange

Let’s take a look into Ether Delta, IDEX, OpenLedger DEX, Waves DEX, and the other decentralized exchanges vying for domination in the market.

What is Loopring?  A Beginner’s Guide

What is Loopring? Take a look at our Loopring beginner’s guide to learn more about the protocol of this exchange, its ring orders, ring-matching, and more.