decentralized marketplaces

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decentralized marketplaces

Innovation in Crypto Gambling and the Potential Legislation Nightmare

New cryptocurrency gambling network Augur may experience legislative issues. Although, analysts predict major potential as a crowd wisdom platform.

Why Is Popular Bartering Platform Listia Getting into Blockchain Tech?

Online peer-to-peer platforms can either embrace blockchain marketplaces or be replaced by them. What’s bartering platform Listia is doing with blockchain tech?

Blockchain in the Music Industry – What Opportunities Lie Ahead?

Artists usually don’t make for good business people. After all, they would prefer to focus on their craft. And typically they don’t have access to marketers, lawyers and managers which…

Top Decentralized Marketplaces That Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is on the verge of disrupting every industry out there and with the decentralized marketplace, the sharing economy is next in its sights.