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digital identity

An Exploration of Blockchain Ethics: a Token with Two Sides

Among all the discussion about use cases and adoption, blockchain ethics can get forgotten. We take a look at the moral considerations of the technology.

Blockchain Identity Management | Data Security 2.0?

Blockchain identity management may be the next step in data security. Big name brands aren’t protecting our data. Here’s how blockchain holds the answer.

What Is Identity Management? Security in the Age of Anonymity

Identity management is the ability of individuals and/or corporations to access the right resources when they need it and for the right reasons. Learn more here.

Social Networking on the Blockchain | An Industry Ripe for Disruption

The rise of the freemium social media model has brought with it some real problems. What will the blockchain social network of the future look like?

Humanitarian Projects Using Blockchain for a Better World

Aid groups and governments are using blockchain in humanitarian projects to help the worlds poorest people. Find out what has been achieved.