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What Is an EOS Delegate? | A Basic Explainer

What is an EOS delegate? In this explainer article, we teach you all about the EOS delegates and why they’re so important to the blockchain’s network.

Who is Dan Larimer? A Quick Biography on the Visionary Blockchain Architect

Few entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space can trace their thumbprints across as many projects as Dan Larimer

Ethereum vs. EOS | An Analysis of Blockchain’s Two Largest Dapp Platforms

Ethereum vs. EOS. In this comparison article, we examine blockchain’s two largest decentralized app (dapp) platforms, giving you the pros and cons of each.

EOS Developer Block.One Attracts Investments from Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu, the company behind what is currently the world’s fifth largest market cap cryptocurrency EOS, received investments from billionaire PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel, Bitmain’s Jihan Wu, and two hedge fund…

Putting EOS on Trial | An Analysis of Cryptocurrency’s Largest ICO

Ethereum killer or complete scam? We put EOS on trial to uncover the truth behind the claims against cryptocurrency’s most controversial project.

This Week in Cryptocurrency – December 29th, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: Ripple’s market cap reaches ATH, Bittrex & Bitfenix blocked new users and South Korea bans exchanges from activating new accounts.