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financial industry

The Role of Blockchain in Capital Markets

Learn how blockchain is creating new opportunities for businesses in the capital market sector to improve upon operational processes and reduce costs.

Reinsurance Blockchain | Simplifying the Complex Insurance Industry

The reinsurance sector has identified blockchain as a huge money saver and layer of trust. We look at the impacts blockchain could have on the industry.

A Brief History of Bitcoin Futures and What Comes Next

Bitcoin futures haven’t landed to huge success in 2018, but that could be about to change. Our article explains the past and present of Bitcoin futures.

Singapore Embraces Blockchain and a Digital Currency Future

Blockchain Singapore, the tiny island nation is embracing cryptocurrency technology and attracting top talent with their progressive attitude.

Why the Big Four Accounting Firms Care About Blockchain

The Big 4 accounting firms are all getting ready for blockchain to transform the world of financial services and audit. Find out what they are up to.

Tron vs. XRP, and Both Controversial Tokens Against the World

TRON and XRP reveal interesting similarities and contrasts. Bitcoin and Ethereum created innovations in technology. TRON and XRP exist as business ventures.

Bahamas’ Currency Turns To Crypto To Benefit Its Citizens And Stimulate The Economy

Bahamas’ currency intends to expand into digital money. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas established the Bahamian dollar (BSD) as legal tender in 1966, replacing the British Pound Sterling (GPB). The…

What Is Digital Asset? | Distributed Ledgers for Financial Institutions

Digital Asset is aiming to disrupt the finance sector with the use of its distributed ledger technology. Find out who’s behind it and how it works here.

The First Business Model Blockchain is Upending: Payments 

The payment industry is experiencing an upgrade in their business model as Blockchain technology continues to shake up the industry.

Do We Really Need Cryptocurrency? – A Modern Exploration of Money

A number of leading businessmen and economists have questioned the need for cryptographic currencies over traditional fiat (paper) ones. Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, was largely created as a response…