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10 Surprising Ways Companies Are Using Blockchain

Many of us are familiar with data integrity, finance, and the supply chain, but check out these companies using blockchain in more surprising ways.

The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress

A Blockchain healthcare revolution is creating a new era in medical practices. Blockchain is changing drugs, trials, patient records, and treatment.

Could Cryptocurrency Investments Revolutionize Healthcare Systems?

As the world scrambles to find cryptocurrency applications in any industries you can possibly imagine, healthcare has naturally been one of the active areas of exploration. The healthcare industry is renowned for being slow at adopting new technologies.

ICO Review: Solve.Care

ICO Review: Solve.Care Solve.Care is offering a global blockchain solution for the coordination, administration, and payments systems in healthcare. The Solve.Care platform aims to facilitate the direct interaction between consumers,…

What is Dentacoin (DCN)? A Beginner’s Guide

Take a bite and learn about Dentacoin (DCN), the first blockchain concept designed to help make the global dental industry more affordable.