ICO investing

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ICO investing

Ikigai Founder Travis Kling on Cryptocurrency Hedgefunds, ICOs, and More

When Ikigai Asset Management Founder Travis Kling fell into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole, he fell hard. When he started reading into Bitcoin in the fall of 2016, Kling began to…

Crypto Monitors Regulate Blockchain To Pull Your Assets From the Fire

Crypto monitors function as regulatory czars to establish cryptocurrency regulations, and this arises out of the need to protect investors. A regulation defines a rule of order prescribed by an…

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization: What Is It? How Do You Use It?

Some cryptocurrency investors only analyze price. Instead, the focus should be on cryptocurrency market capitalization. Learn why here.

How to Find the Best ICO to Invest In

Although highly risky, investing into a project early on can yield very fruitful results. As with any smart investment, you will need to do the proper research to protect your capital.…