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Michelle Phan: YouTube Star, Beauty Mogul, Bitcoin Bull

There are very few people in the world that can talk about makeup, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency like Michelle Phan.  Michelle has grown a loyal base of supporters, numbering over 8.9…

Blockchain for Europe Is Unifying the Industry’s Voices

Blockchain for Europe is working with EU regulators to bring about reasonable legislation regarding new technology. Learn more in our interview here.

KJ Erickson Wants Public Market to Become a Household eCommerce Name

Public Market is bringing commission-free sales to online marketplaces using blockchain tech. Hear from the project’s CEO on how they’re making it happen.

Interview: Tackling Fake Science with Orvium Co-Founder Manuel Martin

Most people likely remember the scowls of their high school and university teachers reprimanding their classes to not use sources from sites like Wikipedia. Instead of blindly believing anything posted…

Interview: Entering Virtual Reality & Blockchain with CEEK VR’s Mary Spio

CEEK presents a glimpse at the potential of a consumer-facing intersection of VR/AR and blockchain – check out our interview with Founder Mary Spio.

Part 3: Interview with Andy Levine on Steem Today and Tomorrow

This is Part 3 in a 3 Part Series on Steem and the Blockchain World, a conversation with Steemit Content Director Andrew Levine. Check out Part 1 and Part 2…

Leverj’s Bharath Rao Introduces Plasma Gluon

Bharath Rao is the CEO of Leverj, a Plasma-based decentralized exchange. He sat down with CoinCentral to explain Plasma Gluon, LEV and FEE.

IDEX CEO Alex Wearn on Aurora Advancements

We asked Aurora’s CEO about plans to create a decentralized banking platform based on a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols.

Elix Co-founder Melanie Plaza Talks Crowdfunding, Blockchain Usability, and Chicken Tenders

In this interview, we talk with Elix’s Melanie Plaza about Elix’s unique architecture, blockchain’s usability issues, and the best chicken tenders in the US.

David Knott, OmiseGo Research Scientist, on Plasma and Scaling

CoinCentral contributor, Munair Simpson, got a moment to sit down with David Knott, an OmiseGo Research Scientist focusing on the OMG Plasma DEX.