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How is Blockchain Being Applied to Cybersecurity Right Now?

Many projects involving blockchain technology are still in the early stages, but with cybersecurity, we’re beginning to see some real results.

This Week in Cryptocurrency: May 17th, 2019

Outside of a substantial pullback in the past 24 hours, cryptocurrency markets experienced considerable gains over the last week. On the week, Bitcoin is up 13%, Ethereum up 34%, XRP…

IoTeX Founder Raullen Chai on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Privacy

According to a report by IOT Analytics, there were over 17 billion connected devices around the world, and 7 billion of them were specifically Internet of Things (IoT) devices in…

How to Mine IOTA Without Installing a Full Node

Learning how to mine IOTA is a great way to add some of the unique cryptocurrency to your portfolio without purchasing IOTA directly. Here’s how to do it.

What Is IOTA (MIOTA)? | A Complete Guide to the IoT Cryptocurrency

IOTA cryptocurrency utilizes a non-blockchain based technology that aims to enable free micropayments for the Internet of Things. Our guide explains it all.

Interview: Exploring IoT and Blockchain with IOTW’s Frederick Leung

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry brings mixed feelings. In one camp, you have the futurists that eagerly anticipate a world where life is made easier and more convenient thanks…

Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges for key blockchain platforms. Blockchain is undergoing some growing pains.…

Leaked Emails Seemingly Exonerate IOTA of Alleged Vulnerabilities

Newly leaked emails between IOTA and DCI shed light on the contentious question of IOTA’s vulnerability, seeming to debunk problems unearthed by DCI last year.

Partnerships That Will Help Form 2018

We take an inside look into companies that are seeking strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency firms, with information on current partnerships.

This Week in Cryptocurrency – November 24th, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: JP Morgan reportedly considering dabbling in Bitcoin futures, trouble for Tether, and another all time high for Bitcoin.