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Bitcoin’s Long Road to Privacy

Bitcoin needs privacy, plain and simple. Fortunately, developers are waging this war on several levels. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming proposals.

MimbleWimble | An Answer to Scalable Blockchain Privacy

MimbleWimble is a breakthrough in scalable, private blockchains. We take a look at the underlying technology and the teams working on its production.

Litecoin’s Mission to Become the Perfect Form of Money

Charlie Lee is determined to make Litecoin fully fungible and private in 2019. This is no easy task, we look at the different proposals on the table.

An Exploration of Blockchain Ethics: a Token with Two Sides

Among all the discussion about use cases and adoption, blockchain ethics can get forgotten. We take a look at the moral considerations of the technology.

From zk-SNARKs to zk-STARKs: The Application of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero-knowledge proofs offer impressive privacy benefits. And now, zk-STARKs are now combining top level privacy and complete trustlessness. Learn more here.

What Is Wanchain (WAN)? | An All-Encompassing Guide

Learn more about how this new platform is decentralizing multiple facets of the entire financial services industry.

SegWit Coins Are Gearing up for a Privacy Overhaul

SegWit coins are due for some promising privacy upgrades. Here’s our analysis and explanation of the upgrades in the pipeline.

A Beginners Guide to Privacy Coin Mining | How to Mine ZCash

In this guide we’re going to help you get started on how to mine ZCash. With an extra layer of anonymity, ZCash mining remains popular and profitable.

The Ultimate Privacy Coin: Monero or Zcash?

An analysis of Monero and Zcash to determine which is the best privacy coin. We examine features of the two coins and outline why each may be best for you.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously in 2018

Wondering how to buy bitcoin anonymously in 2018? We round up the best way to assure your privacy while getting your hands on the granddaddy of cryptos.