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What Is Coinvest Token (COIN)?

A comprehensive guide to Coinvest and its COIN token. Coinvest is building products aimed at simplifying cryptocurrency investing, trading and security.

Quantstamp and OmiseGO Partnership Seeks Ethereum Scalability

The partnership between Quantstamp and OmiseGo seeks to solve Ethereum’s scalability problem. The main hurdle for blockchain mass adoption if how many users one chain can support. The Ethereum blockchain…

What Is Quantstamp (QSP)? | A Guide to the Smart Contract Auditing Platform

In this Quantstamp guide, we discuss how the protocol is improving security for smart contracts as well as where to buy and store its QSP token.

The DAO Hack and Blockchain Security Vulnerabilities

Security considerations override all else in blockchains. If security fails, nothing else matters. Check out the main blockchain security vulnerabilities here.