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Exploring ShapeShift’s “Project” Rainfall: HODL FOX, Get Free USDC

ShapeShift recently released a nifty new feature called Rainfall, which rewards ShapeShift users simply for using the platform. Here’s how Rainfall works: The entire system is based on holding FOX…

ShapeShift Releases Mobile App to Make Non-Custodial Crypto Easier

Months after acquiring leading  “web3” Israeli crypto-startup Portis, ShapeShift launches its mobile app to make non-custodial exchange safe and seamless. 

Will the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) Help Scale Crypto?

If you find yourself lost in the fray of the dozens of different blockchain wallets and exchanges, you’re not alone. Many people have to navigate the winding paths between storing…

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Says You Can’t Change the World in a Smooth, Predictable Curve

ShapeShift Co-Founder and CEO Erik Voorhees speaks about the past, the present, and the decentralized financial future that’s to come.

Changelly vs. ShapeShift | Head-On Review

In this Changelly vs. ShapeShift review, we examine which is better. Let’s compare interfaces, security, fees, and currency options of these two exchanges.

Will Cryptocurrency Regulation Stifle Innovation?

As cryptocurrency regulation starts to take shape around the world, the question everyone wants answering is will it stifle blockchain innovation?

ShapeShift Co-Founder Jon on Regulation, the Rabbit Hole, and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Check out ShapeShift co-founder Jon’s views on regulation, the US SEC, and what’s on the horizon for crypto in this exclusive Coin Central interview.