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sharing economy

Airbnb Deserves Better: Why IPOs Are Too Dated to Do the Sharing Economy Justice

 The following is a guest post op-ed submitted by ICOBox IPOs have long represented the pinnacle of corporate fundraising. The big payday. The make-or-break moment. Companies can raise billions overnight, giving…

How Blockchain Is Changing the Rental Property Market

Blockchain technology is already beginning to change how people buy and sell properties, but how can it improve other areas of the real estate sector? More specifically, here are a few ways that blockchain is impacting rental property management, including examples of some blockchain projects that are disrupting this industry.

What Is Odyssey Coin (OCN)? | A Beginner’s Guide

The mission of Odyssey Coin is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy (i.e. Airbnb or Uber) and peer-to-peer ecosystem. The project aims to achieve this by using a combination of smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Sharing Economy Companies Are Set to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Sharing economy companies have dominated the market for years. But monopolies are dangerous and blockchain is ready to disrupt. Find out how.

Top Decentralized Marketplaces That Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is on the verge of disrupting every industry out there and with the decentralized marketplace, the sharing economy is next in its sights.