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Stephane De Baets Owns the St. Regis Aspen Resort, and You Can Too: Enter Tokenization

Stephane De Baets visualizes a future where every asset, whether a small business or property, can be tokenized and sold on the blockchain– and he’s putting his tokens where his…

Does Tokenization Equal Liquidity? Tackling a Commonly Used Dichotomy

The following is a guest post by Tiana Laurence, EVP at ABE Global & Author of Blockchain For Dummies In the investment community, are tokens seen as a magical solution to liquidity? Let’s consider…

Airbnb Deserves Better: Why IPOs Are Too Dated to Do the Sharing Economy Justice

 The following is a guest post op-ed submitted by ICOBox IPOs have long represented the pinnacle of corporate fundraising. The big payday. The make-or-break moment. Companies can raise billions overnight, giving…

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Ethereum Token Standards

Most people have heard of ERC-20 tokens, but there are many other Ethereum token standards beyond this, designed for non-fungibility and security.

Interview: Entering Virtual Reality & Blockchain with CEEK VR’s Mary Spio

CEEK presents a glimpse at the potential of a consumer-facing intersection of VR/AR and blockchain – check out our interview with Founder Mary Spio.

Digital Tokens: Usage, Evolution, and Regulations in 2018

Digital tokens have many uses in 2018, but we are likely to see even more possibilities as digital token systems and regulations continue to evolve.

Physical Assets on the Blockchain: Why Bother?

Putting physical assets on the blockchain could be a major improvement over our traditional system of contracts, but it’s not without its downsides.