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Use Cases

What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)?

What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)? There have been many early applications of blockchain technology in fin-tech, but how can blockchain improve the protection of intellectual property (IP)? It’s clear that distributed ledger technologies can be implemented…

Blockchain Shipping: A New Shipment Protocol

Blockchain shipping is an exciting development for the global economy. It could transport our goods faster, safer, and more efficiently

Estonia E-Residency & Blockchain Governance, Explained

Learn more about how The Estonia e-Residency program allows anyone to establish a digital identity with Estonia, start an E.U. business or open a bank account.

Blockchain Storms the Freelance World: 6 Startups to Watch

Will these nimble and well-funded blockchain startups be able to snatch the multi-billion dollar freelance industry from the reigning champions?

What is Golem (GNT)? | Beginner’s Guide

What is Golem? A guide covering how the distributed supercomputer works and where to buy/store the GNT tokens that are used on the platform.

Cryptocurrency Solutions Helping the Pot Industry With its Growing Pains: What They Are, What They Could Do

PotCoin, HempCoin, and Budbo think crypto is the answer to the legal marijuana industry’s issues.They are now looking for payment and supply chain solutions.

This Strip Club in Vegas Let’s You Pay for Dances in Crypto

Making it rain…crypto? By scanning temporary QR code tattoos located on the dancer’s bodies, you can pay and tip for any of their services in bitcoin.

What is Experience Points? Beginner’s Guide to Real Life XP

What is Experience Points? Is it worth your time? This Experience Points Beginner’s guide teaches you more about the online and real life XP sharing economy.

Here Comes LitePay | A Litecoin Payment Processor

LitePay aims to deliver the “world’s first borderless payment network,” long considered to be a watershed moment for cryptocurrency and Litecoin.

What is Bluzelle?  A Beginner’s Guide to the Blockchain’s Decentralized Database

What is Bluzelle and what is it doing for the world of data? Read our beginner’s guide to learn more about the blockchain decentralized database.