Use Cases

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Use Cases

What Is the Basic Attention Token (BAT)? | The All-Encompassing Guide

What is the Basic Attention Token (BAT)? A guide covering how it works, the team creating it, and where you can buy and store some BAT.

6 Blockchain Startups Taking on the Freelancer Economy

Will these nimble and well-funded blockchain startups be able to snatch the multi-billion dollar freelance industry from the reigning champions?

Blockchain Utilities Will Transform the Energy and Water Markets

Blockchain utilities are forecast for massive growth over the next few years. But what is blockchain bringing to the utility sector? We find out.

Cryptocurrency’s Fight Against Predatory Payday Loans

This year alone, 12 million Americans will get sucked into an inescapable pit of payday loan debt. Learn how cryptocurrency can dig them out.

Bitcoin Travel and Transport: Can Blockchain Evolve How We Get Around?

Blockchain is impacting how we move people around the world. Whether it is traveling spending only crypto or how blockchain is being deployed in transport.

What Is Siacoin (SC)? | A Guide to Decentralized Cloud Storage

What is Siacoin (SC)? Learn everything you need to know about the decentralized storage blockchain solution in our guide here.

How Are Blockchain Startups Disrupting Real Estate?

Let’s examine how blockchain real estate startups are beginning to disrupt the housing industry and highlight the top ones working to accomplish this.

What Is Decred (DCR)? | A Guide on Decentralized Blockchain Governance

Learn about how Decred uses decentralized governance and decision-making on the blockchain to build a cryptocurrency that runs autonomously.

2019’s Top Distributed Application Use Cases and Projects

We’ve taken a look at the ranking tables to determine distributed application use cases that are most popular among users. Here are the results.

What Is Golem (GNT)? | A Complete Guide to the Decentralized Supercomputer

Learn all about how the distributed supercomputer works and where to buy and store the GNT tokens that the platform uses.