Use Cases

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Use Cases

The Merger of Blockchain and Higher Education

Learn how blockchain higher education systems will play a large role in the classroom by altering the way we teach, learn, and develop curriculum.

Digital Tokens: Usage, Evolution, and Regulations in 2018

Digital tokens have many uses in 2018, but we are likely to see even more possibilities as digital token systems and regulations continue to evolve.

Blockchain and the Insurance Industry: The Coming Revolution

Learn how blockchain and the insurance industry present a myriad of opportunities like transparency, trust, efficiency, and even fraud detection.

How Blockchain Can Help the Homeless

Blockchain projects are being used to help the homeless gain access to services by providing them with a much needed digital identity – and more.

Sharing Economy Companies Are Set to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Sharing economy companies have dominated the market for years. But monopolies are dangerous and blockchain is ready to disrupt. Find out how.

Blockchain in HR Will Make Employing People Easier for Businesses

Back office functions are set to be transformed by emerging technologies. Find out how blockchain in HR will make employing people easier in the future.

What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)?

What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)? There have been many early applications of blockchain technology in fin-tech, but how can blockchain improve the protection of intellectual property…

Blockchain Shipping: A New Shipment Protocol

Blockchain shipping is an exciting development for the global economy. It could transport our goods faster, safer, and more efficiently

Estonia E-Residency & Blockchain Governance, Explained

Learn more about how The Estonia e-Residency program allows anyone to establish a digital identity with Estonia, start an E.U. business or open a bank account.

Cryptocurrency Solutions Helping the Pot Industry With its Growing Pains: What They Are, What They Could Do

PotCoin, HempCoin, and Budbo think crypto is the answer to the legal marijuana industry’s issues.They are now looking for payment and supply chain solutions.