The Best NFT Evaluation Tools you Need in 2022

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Whether a beginner or an active collector, having the best NFT analytics tools at your disposal can help you gain valuable insights you may otherwise leave undetected by just eyeballing your new potential JPEGs. 

However, with so many different NFT analytics sites, it’s hard to tell which are actually providing legit insights that can help you stack your portfolio in a data-backed manner. 

 We’ve compiled the most popular NFT apps that can give you valuable data about a project’s rarity, utility, community size, sales volume, and more.

1. NFT Stats: The User Favorite

As the name suggests, NFT Stats is a place to find real-time NFT statistics of popular collections, providing users with data, charts, insights, and the latest news.

One of the main advantages of NFT Stats is that it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, suitable for both beginners and experienced investors.

The platform ranks NFTs by the number of sales, trading volume, and floor price. All of the offered features are laid out on the main page. 

NFT stats

The platform has a section called NFT Rarity Explorer that allows you to check the level of rarity in NFTs from different collections. 

Rarity plays a key role when it comes to NFTs, as a lot of collections have a set of NFTs with different traits and properties. It’s essential to determine how limited an NFT is so you can gauge its price and community sentiment. 

2. CryptoSlam: Stay Ahead of Upcoming NFT Collections

CryptoSlam is a thorough NFT data aggregator backed by DeFi advocate Mark Cuban. It provides users with daily statistics about NFT projects from different blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, immutableX, and Polygon. 

cryptoslam The platform ranks NFT collections by price, sales volume, and recent transactions. Users can track these parameters on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. CryptoSlam allows you to monitor upcoming NFT collections and set up an alarm for their respective release dates.

3. DappRadar —Best to Track DeFi and NFT trends

Since 2018, DappRadar has been the one-stop data platform for all things DeFi. 

DappRadar allows you to track, analyze and discover the most popular or recent decentralized applications (dApps), NFTs, blockchain games, altcoins, and more. You’ll find numerous tools and resources to help you gain traction in the NFT investing game.

DappRadar gauges and ranks the valuation of an NFT project based on market capitalization, liquidity, trading volume, sales, floor price and average price.


Besides providing market data for NFT assets, DappRadar allows you to connect your web3 wallet such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet, and track your NFTs’ performance in the Portfolio section. You can check the Blog section to find recent announcements and articles on the latest DeFi and NFT trends, as well as some educational pieces.

4. Dune Analytics: A Free, Community-Driven NFT App

Dune Analytics is a popular DeFi and NFT analytics app that’s fully customizable. Users can create dashboards where communities can discuss projects, share ideas and track the performance of essentially all things related to crypto and blockchain.

dune analytics

The platform is completely free for everyone, therefore chances are that you’ll likely find the NFT collection you’re looking for. Otherwise, you can create your own dashboard and fill it with blockchain data and graphs.

5. Rarity.Tools: The Go-to App for Art Collectors

Rarity.Tools is an user-friendly platform with all of its features clearly laid out. It’s also the go-to app for many generative art collectors. 

Rarity.Tools is a bit different from the previous platforms since it has the appearance of an art-featured marketplace, while other venues are mainly structured with price data and charts.

rarity tools

On the homepage, you’ll find the latest NFT collections ranked by rarity, total volume in ETH, and price. You can find the biggest collections in terms of owner count as well. If you click on an NFT, it will show detailed information about the asset and a rarity score so you can determine its potential value.

6. Nansen: Real-Time Crypto & NFT Insights

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that offers market research, analysis, real-time data, and more, but it’s subscription-based.

Nansen ranks multiple NFT collections according to rarity, price, and community size, and provides valuable insights into the latest developments in the NFT industry with weekly reports. 


The platform has a feature called Wallet Profiler, which provides metrics of the on-chain activity of all active wallets in the crypto space, including NFT transactions.

If you’re not planning to buy any of the plans within the platform, you could use Nansen Lite. This is the free version and offers a dashboard with multiple on-chain metrics. 

7. Icy.Tools: Charts, Data, and NFT Insights

Icy.Tools focuses solely on NFTs, indexing millions of on-chain data daily to give users a constant stream of NFT market insights. Its interface is fairly user-friendly and suitable for beginners. 

On the homepage, you’ll see a Top 5 NFT collections ranking in descending order. On the top bar, you’ll find a few subscription-based products that can give you access to a wider range of features and analytics tools. They are also significantly lower than Nansen.

You could pay for the premium version which is $62/month. It comes with unlimited wallet and NFT collection tracking, in-depth market research and data, custom alerts, and more.

8. Moby

While not as popular as the previous apps, Moby can be an efficient analytics tool that provides real-time NFT stats. It allows users to make fast decisions on trending NFTs due to its shorter window periods of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and more.

Moby, however, has a downside: its data charts are locked. You’d have to subscribe to the Pro Version, which is 0.1 ETH for six months, to access real-time feeds, signals, historical collection data, etc.

Final Thoughts: How to Tell if Your NFT is Rare, Potentially Valuable, or a Dud

The NFT industry moves bullet-fast with new collections and expansions released daily, so obtaining accurate information and reliable market data is an imperative aspect of the NFT investing game. 

While there are hundreds of analytics platforms, we choose these apps since they already have an established position in the NFT ecosystem. The majority are free, and we understand some people might not want to pay for extra features and insights, but they can be rewarding if you use them properly.

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