The Hottest Upcoming & Recently Completed ICOs 

With the recent cryptocurrency boom, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are all the rage.  Almost every day there are multiple new projects using token sales as a means to gain startup capital.  While many of these projects are promising, there's also a large number of projects we'd steer clear of.  

For the Beta release of our "ICO Calendar", we're being picky with the ICOs we choose to list.  Our goal is to find projects with innovative ideas, strong teams, and large communities.  Below you'll find some of the hottest upcoming ICOs.

ICOStart DateMore Info


Enigma Catalyst ICO Token Sale

Revolutionizing the Use of Data in Crypto Trading

Sep 11th

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Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management

Sep 12th

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BlackMoon Crypto

BlackMoon Crypto Logo

A Way to Tokenize Real World Investment Funds

Sep 12th

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The Token for Mobile Access

Sep 19th

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Cryptocurrency of the UNIKRN esports sportsbook.

Sep 22nd

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PayPie ICO

Credit Risk Assessment Based on Blockchain Accounting

Oct 15th

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Decentralized Data Marketplace

Oct 17th

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Disclaimer:  This information is for entertainment purposes only and should not be treated as investment advice.  Cryptocurrencies and especially Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)/Token Sales/Crowd Sales are risky investments and you should always consult with a licensed professional before making any investment.  Additionally, before investing in any Initial Coin Offering, you should seek legal counsel to ensure legality of your potential investment.