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MinerGate CEO Claude Lecomte on Cryptocurrency Mining

The computer has come a long way from being a gigantic hunk of a metal and plastic surrounded by groups of curious men and women with clipboards. Fast-forward a few…

Zinc CEO and Founder Daniel Trachtemberg on Merging Ad Tech and Blockchain

Over 30% of the $335 billion projected ad spend in 2020 is estimated to be lost to inefficiencies in the current digital advertising landscape. With nearly a third of all…

What is the XYO Network? Decentralizing GPS and Putting Location on Blockchain

XYO aims to replace GPS as it is with a decentralized blockchain-based system. Does it have the chops?

ndau’s Ken Lang on the First “Bouyant” Digital Currency

In a stark contrast to the volatile cryptocurrency market trends in 2017, 2018 has oddly seen the entrance of a variety of stablecoins. While the underlying demand for these dollar-pegged…

Bitmain’s IPO: Looming Threats and Insights from a Bear Market

When Bitcoin mining and ASIC miner-producing juggernaut Bitmain released its IPO prospectus to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in September 2018, the world got to take a peek at…

Ikigai Founder Travis Kling on Cryptocurrency Hedgefunds, ICOs, and More

When Ikigai Asset Management Founder Travis Kling fell into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole, he fell hard. When he started reading into Bitcoin in the fall of 2016, Kling began to…

How Blockchain Can Save Our Privacy Before It Disappears

This ain’t your granddaddy’s privacy battle. Blockchain finally provides us the tools to protect our personal privacy from governments and corporations

Dash Core’s CEO Ryan Taylor on Scaling Dash Beyond Bitcoin

Few cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the space can compete with the progress and activity levels of the open-source blockchain-based payments solution Dash. We got a chance to connect with…

Interview: Tackling Fake Science with Orvium Co-Founder Manuel Martin

Most people likely remember the scowls of their high school and university teachers reprimanding their classes to not use sources from sites like Wikipedia. Instead of blindly believing anything posted…

Square Cryptocurrency Payment Network Approved

The patent addresses two major obstacles to more merchants accepting cryptocurrency.