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Will Other Distributed Ledgers Replace Blockchain?

Should we replace blockchain with something else? That’s a question many technologists are asking in the wake of scaling challenges for key blockchain platforms. Blockchain is undergoing some growing pains.…

Blockchain Agriculture Will Change Farming & Food

Blockchain agriculture promises to transform the way food gets bought, sold, and distributed by creating transparent supply chains for produce.

Blockchain Art Provenance & the Future of Digital Art

Blockchain art provenance and digital certification of authenticity could protect owners and artists from forgery and counterfeits with ownership tokenization.

Estonia E-Residency & Blockchain Governance, Explained

Learn more about how The Estonia e-Residency program allows anyone to establish a digital identity with Estonia, start an E.U. business or open a bank account.

Loom Network Launches Ethereum Scaling Solution

Loom Network deployed their own scaling solution for dapps to production, along with a test site–DelegateCall. Learn more about this Ethereum scaling solution.

What is SmartCash (SMART)? | Beginner’s Guide

SmartCash is a decentralized community-led, privacy-focused cryptocurrency. SmartCash permits the public vote, with no central coordinating authority.

What is BitBay (BAY)? | Beginner’s Guide

BitBay is a free, decentralized marketplace for buying and selling goods and services on the blockchain. Check out the platform’s history and how it works.

What is Counterparty (XCP)? | Beginner’s Guide

Counterparty is a protocol and API for creating assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Anyone can create new tokens with the security of the Bitcoin network.

Chinese Online Retail Behemoth Launches Blockchain Accelerator

The research and development arm of the reputable Chinese retailer has launched AI Catapult. The new accelerator leverages AI and blockchain.

What is Monaco Card? | Beginner’s Guide

In this beginner’s guide, you learn that Monaco card is a Visa-branded debit card that allows you to spend cryptocurrency from your Monaco account.