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Reinsurance Blockchain | Simplifying the Complex Insurance Industry

The reinsurance sector has identified blockchain as a huge money saver and layer of trust. We look at the impacts blockchain could have on the industry.

Fashion Meets the Blockchain: How Blockchain Can Solve Fashion’s Woes

The fashion industry is ripe for disruption by blockchain. It can improve supply chain and inventory management, reduce costs, verify claims and protect IP.

Behind Blockstream’s Bitcoin Innovations: Diving into Adam Back’s Creation

Blocksteam has been at the forefront of the technical and infrastructural development of Bitcoin since 2014. We take a look at what they are up to.

From zk-SNARKs to zk-STARKs: The Application of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero-knowledge proofs offer impressive privacy benefits. And now, zk-STARKs are now combining top level privacy and complete trustlessness. Learn more here.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Ethereum Token Standards

Most people have heard of ERC-20 tokens, but there are many other Ethereum token standards beyond this, designed for non-fungibility and security.

Blockchain Billionaire | The Upcoming Class of the Mega-Wealthy

Much like how the internet birthed a new class of the super-rich, a new type of blockchain billionaire is arriving over the coming decade. Here’s how.

What Is Theta Token (THETA)?

Theta is building a P2P video delivery mesh network with its own blockchain for incentivizing users to share their bandwidth and be rewarded. Exchange Review | Is It Safe?

A thorough examination of the cryptocurrency exchange, We look at its security, features, customer support and track record.

What Is Coinvest Token (COIN)?

A comprehensive guide to Coinvest and its COIN token. Coinvest is building products aimed at simplifying cryptocurrency investing, trading and security.

What Is Dropil Coin (DROP)? | Automation Tools for Crypto

Dropil has been operating for less than a year but has released several tools that can help automate your cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management.