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Behind Blockstream’s Bitcoin Innovations: Diving into Adam Back’s Creation

Blocksteam has been at the forefront of the technical and infrastructural development of Bitcoin since 2014. We take a look at what they are up to.

From zk-SNARKs to zk-STARKs: The Application of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Zero-knowledge proofs offer impressive privacy benefits. And now, zk-STARKs are now combining top level privacy and complete trustlessness. Learn more here.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Ethereum Token Standards

Most people have heard of ERC-20 tokens, but there are many other Ethereum token standards beyond this, designed for non-fungibility and security.

Blockchain Billionaire | The Upcoming Class of the Mega-Wealthy

Much like how the internet birthed a new class of the super-rich, a new type of blockchain billionaire is arriving over the coming decade. Here’s how.

What Is Theta Token (THETA)?

Theta is building a P2P video delivery mesh network with its own blockchain for incentivizing users to share their bandwidth and be rewarded. Exchange Review | Is It Safe?

A thorough examination of the cryptocurrency exchange, We look at its security, features, customer support and track record.

What Is Coinvest Token (COIN)?

A comprehensive guide to Coinvest and its COIN token. Coinvest is building products aimed at simplifying cryptocurrency investing, trading and security.

What Is Dropil Coin (DROP)? | Automation Tools for Crypto

Dropil has been operating for less than a year but has released several tools that can help automate your cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management.

Storing Documents on the Blockchain: Why, How, and Where

Blockchains are being used to solve many of the security and control issues around current document storage arrangements. We examine the different methods.

What Is a Nonce? A No-Nonsense Dive into Proof of Work

An analysis of the role of the nonce in the Bitcoin proof of work mining process, alongside the SHA-256 algorithm and the difficulty adjustment.