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Cole Gibson

Crypto Lawyers: What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

Lawyers are specialized in many fields, from animal law to timeshare law. And as the popularity of cryptocurrency grows, so does the need for crypto lawyers. The laws surrounding cryptocurrency…

Car Companies Driving Us Towards the Future With Blockchain Technology

Automakers Innovating With Crypto-Technology Companies are constantly discovering creative ways to use blockchain technology, just look at Oscar Mayer’s Bacoin. Car companies are no exception, as they are always looking…

Miner One Brings Bitcoin to the Stars, Launches Mining Rig Into Space

Bitcoin mining company launches Space Miner One rig into space to prove that they are “bullish on bitcoin.”

As Blockchain Booms, Small Countries Become Thriving Hubs for Crypto Industry

These nations are proof that even the smallest places can make a big impact in the crypto industry.

Cambridge Analytica Nixes Cryptocurrency Project After Facebook Data Fiasco

Cambridge Analytica was planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, until it became entangled in Facebook’s misuse of user data.