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WeChat Bans Crypto News Accounts as China Looks to Block Offshore Crypto Exchanges

Chinese authorities are currently poised to block access to over 120 offshore cryptocurrency exchanges. This is in an effort to clamp down on illegal crypto related activities. According to an…

South Korean Cryptocurrency Market Targeted by New Rule Change

The government of South Korea has excluded cryptocurrency exchanges from being categorized as venture businesses. The government announced this new cryptocurrency market rule-change through a press release published on August…

Bitcoin Mining Juggernaut Bitmain Plans to Launch IPO

Bitmain Technologies Ltd, the world leader in cryptocurrency mining chips is planning on launching an IPO. The company, which was founded by Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu in 2013, designs…

Ever Wondered Why Governments Tend to Bully Cryptocurrencies?

Ever since the cryptocurrency fad caught on, governments across the world have struggled to regulate them, especially after Bitcoin’s price explosion last year. The upward spike and outrageous profits led…

Bitcoin ETF Trend Will ‘Shake out’ Weak Hands, Says Report

Bitcoin ETF trend will cause prices to swing, shaking out weak hands. Long-term outlook is good according to report, but market will remain bearish for now.

Billionaire Building a $300 Million AI, Blockchain and Crypto Hub in the U.S.

A Chinese billionaire is set to build a $300 cryptocurrency, AI, and blockchain hub to help develop talent. Read about it here.

Innovation in Crypto Gambling and the Potential Legislation Nightmare

New cryptocurrency gambling network Augur may experience legislative issues. Although, analysts predict major potential as a crowd wisdom platform.

McAfee’s Bitcoin Wallet Bitfi Allegedly Hacked

John McAfee-supported Bitfi bitcoin wallet has allegedly been hacked by OverSoft. Although McAfee and the Bitfi team seem to disagree.

Bermuda, Malta, Gibraltar, and Liechtenstein Lure Cryptocurrency Companies

Last year’s bitcoin price surge led to renewed interest in the cryptocurrency market, with investors and enthusiasts making haste to cash in. However, it also laid bare the potential for…

New British Market Study Highlights Lack of Cryptocurrency Understanding

A cryptocurrency market study reveals that a large percentage of the British population has no idea how digital currencies work. Learn more here.