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Elizabeth Gail

Facebook Targets Indian Money Transfer Market Using Crypto

Facebook is reportedly working on a cryptocurrency money transfer application that will be integrated into WhatsApp. The feature targets the Indian market.

Bitcoin Mining Company Bitmain Faces IPO Regulatory Issues

Bitmain, the world’s leading ASIC manufacturer is facing major headwinds in its attempt to launch an Initial Public Offering. According to a report published by the South China Morning Post,…

Major German Company Set to Launch a Hybrid Crypto Banking Platform

Boerse Stuttgart Group, a leading German stock exchange is set to launch a hybrid crypto trading banking platform.

Major Investment Company Warns of SEC Clampdown on Illegal ICOs

Investment company, Pantera Capital Management, has revealed that some of its ICO projects could be flagged by the SEC.

Venezuelan Citizens Forced to Receive Pension Funds in Crypto

The Venezuelan government is reportedly converting pension payments into its national cryptocurrency, the Petro.

Hackers Are Spreading Crypto Mining Malware via Routers

A new report has revealed that hackers have exploited approximately 400,000 routers for crypto mining purposes using malware. Read about it here.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Decline Favors Persistent Miners

Over 100,000 Bitcoin miners have shut down. However, Bitcoin’s reduced mining difficulty has created more room for persistent miners. Learn more here.

Blockchain Industry Downturn Causing Chinese Investor Jitters

Chinese blockchain investors are finding it hard to invest in the sector after the more than 700 billion dollar market drop. Read about it here.

Intel Is Working on an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining System

Intel has obtained a bitcoin mining SHA-256 datapath patent. The energy efficient system covered features micro-architectural enhancements.

Bitcoin Market Nightmares: Whales and HODLers to Blame

Bitcoin has lost over 75 percent of its value within the past year. Whales and experienced traders are believed to be behind the price fall.