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The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Programming for New Developers

I want to contribute code to one of these projects – how can I get started? Is there any one language used specifically for blockchains? I don’t know how to…

How to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies

Believe it or not, once upon a time investors made decisions past faux white papers and moon/lambo memes. I’m a large proponent of adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects for their…

What’s a Cryptocurrency, Anyway? – The Art of Cryptocurrency Categorization

The Art of Categorizing Cryptocurrencies The word “cryptocurrency,” while originally accurate for Bitcoin, is now approaching the status of a confusing misnomer. The now-blanket term is causing damage to the…

At The Source, Exploring the Blockchain Realm of GitHub

At The Source, Exploring the Blockchain Realm of GitHub “Bitcoin is a superior currency because it’s open-source.” “What do you mean the Ethereum code is public on GitHub?” A Quick…

What’s In A Block, Anyway? | An Introduction to Block Explorers

What’s In A Block, Anyway? | An Introduction to Block Explorers A blockchain, as a purveyor of this site you already likely know, is an immutable, distributed database; each new…

ERC223 – Proposed ERC20 Upgrade

There is $370K+ of ERC20 tokens frozen in contracts, and the new ERC standard (ERC223) can play a significant role in avoiding those mistakes in the future.

Understanding ERC20

The ERC20 token standard, which stands for Ethereum Requests for Comment, is a set of programming “rules” that all Ethereum-based token is expected to follow.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Hashing Basics & History

Crypto Fundamentals: An introduction to cryptographic hashing, it’s history, and why it’s so prevalent and important in the blockchain community.

Bits & Bytes 101: An Introduction to Cryptography

Crypto Fundamentals: To help you understand cryptocurrencies at the protocol level, it’s imperative to understand the basics of cryptography.

Why Plasma is Relevant for Ethereum

Learn more about the important new solution called Plasma and how it can solve Ethereum’s scaling and latency issues by offering instant transactions.