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What’s In A Block, Anyway? | An Introduction to Block Explorers

What’s In A Block, Anyway? | An Introduction to Block Explorers A blockchain, as a purveyor of this site you already likely know, is an immutable, distributed database; each new…

An Introduction to Lightning Network Apps (LAPPs): Scaling Bitcoin

Unbeknownst to a majority of crypto-enthusiasts, one of the most exciting features of the recently-implemented Lightning Network is one of the least discussed: the ability to build decentralized-like apps (known…

The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Programming for New Developers

I want to contribute code to one of these projects – how can I get started? Is there any one language used specifically for blockchains? I don’t know how to…

How to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies

Believe it or not, once upon a time investors made decisions past faux white papers and moon/lambo memes. I’m a large proponent of adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects for their…

What’s a Cryptocurrency, Anyway? – The Art of Cryptocurrency Categorization

The Art of Categorizing Cryptocurrencies The word “cryptocurrency,” while originally accurate for Bitcoin, is now approaching the status of a confusing misnomer. The now-blanket term is causing damage to the…

At The Source, Exploring the Blockchain Realm of GitHub

At The Source, Exploring the Blockchain Realm of GitHub “Bitcoin is a superior currency because it’s open-source.” “What do you mean the Ethereum code is public on GitHub?” A Quick…

ERC223 – Proposed ERC20 Upgrade

There is $370K+ of ERC20 tokens frozen in contracts, and the new ERC standard (ERC223) can play a significant role in avoiding those mistakes in the future.

Understanding ERC20

The ERC20 token standard, which stands for Ethereum Requests for Comment, is a set of programming “rules” that all Ethereum-based token is expected to follow.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Hashing Basics & History

Crypto Fundamentals: An introduction to cryptographic hashing, it’s history, and why it’s so prevalent and important in the blockchain community.

Bits & Bytes 101: An Introduction to Cryptography

Crypto Fundamentals: To help you understand cryptocurrencies at the protocol level, it’s imperative to understand the basics of cryptography.