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Richard Malone

Techfugees Founder on Leveraging Blockchain to Help Refugees

For all the flack blockchain and crypto get for being voodoo dark net money, many organizations are beginning to understand the potential for blockchain to provide pervasive social impact. One…

XRP Is Getting Pummeled, down More Than 90% from All-Time High

Many cryptocurrencies have fallen recently, but it seems like Ripple (XRP) has been hit the worst. Read about the potential reasons why here.

High Times to Accept Crypto in Upcoming IPO

High Times is high on crypto. The magazine famous for promoting counterculture and the legalization of marijuana is set to become the first company to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in it’s upcoming IPO.…

uPort’s Danny Zuckerman on Self-Sovereign Identity

In May 2018, Facebook exploited the personal data of almost 100 million people, firmly placing data privacy and security as hot topics of national conversation. But even before the Facebook…

Indian State Government to Implement Blockchain Technology

The Indian state of Telangana is implementing blockchain technology in numerous state departments to increase transparency and limit corruption.

IBM and Stronghold Partner to Release USD-pegged Stablecoin

Tech behemoth IBM has partnered with Stronghold to create the world’s first FDIC-backed cryptocurrency stablecoin, Stronghold USD.

HODL Your Horses! Why No Move Can Be the Best Move

Warren Buffett once said, “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years” By now, most crypto enthusiasts know Warren B…

DJ 3LAU on Curating a Blockchain-Powered Music Festival

We spoke with DJ 3LAU on how he’s leveraging blockchain technology to curate the first-ever blockchain-powered music festival, Our Music Festival (OMF).

Gnosis’ Stefan George on Barriers to Adoption for Decentralized Exchanges

Stefan George is the Founder and CTO of Gnosis, a Gibraltar-based prediction market platform built on Ethereum. Gnosis is the second largest prediction market platform by market cap behind only Augur.…

Major Security Flaws Threaten Deployment of EOS Mainnet

With just four days before the anticipated release of the EOS mainnet, major security flaws are threatening the hype around the widely-hailed smart contract platform. Chinese cybersecurity firm Qihoo360 released…