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How Blockchain Can Help the Homeless

Blockchain projects are being used to help the homeless gain access to services by providing them with a much needed digital identity – and more.

Viberate Crypto | A Beginners Guide

Viberate Crypto is an Ethereum-based decentralized talent ecosystem for live music. Read our guide to understand how it all works inside and out.

Solving Decentralized Blockchain Governance Is Key to the Future of Crypto

Decentralized blockchain governance is a problem for the crypto community. But why? And what does it have to do with the French Revolutionaries?

Knowing Your Cryptocurrency Categories is Knowing Your Portfolio

Creating cryptocurrency categories is still a tricky business. But investors should understand the types of regulated tokens, and make sound decisions

Sharing Economy Companies Are Set to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Sharing economy companies have dominated the market for years. But monopolies are dangerous and blockchain is ready to disrupt. Find out how.

Blockchain Digital Advertising Platforms Used To Combat Fraud

Fraud is a costly problem for companies using digital advertising platforms, but blockchain is set to change all that. Find out how in our article.

Blockchain in HR Will Make Employing People Easier for Businesses

Back office functions are set to be transformed by emerging technologies. Find out how blockchain in HR will make employing people easier in the future.

Beyond Crypto Valley – Find out Why Switzerland Is the Blockchain Capital of the World

Switzerland is not just home to Zug’s famous crypto valley – it is a veritable blockchain powerhouse. Read more to find out why.

Hiring Blockchain Developer Talent Is the New Industry Challenge

The talent wars for blockchain are on. Read how hiring blockchain developer talent has never been harder, and what employers can do about it.

Blockchain Can Combat Counterfeiting in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Counterfeiting is a big issue for pharmaceutical supply chains, who face legislative measures to stop it from happening. Blockchain can help.