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Sarah Rothrie

What is the Essentia Blockchain Framework | A Beginner’s Guide

Essentia blockchain is a privacy protocol that operates as a layer between other decentralized platforms. Our handy guide explains all the details.

How Blockchain Security Applications Will Make the Internet a Safer Place

Blockchain security applications are being deployed against DDoS attacks, viruses and more. We outline some projects that are helping to protect us online.

Lessons from the Dotcom Era – The Blockchain First Mover Advantage

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain were once a niche interest, protected and propagated by a hardcore legion of early adopters. Now, times have moved on. Blockchain technology has captured the attention of…

Interview: Zilliqa Team on Sharding, Scalability, and Secure Smart Contracts

Zilliqa will launch it’s secure, scalable mainnet in Q1 2019. We caught up with CEO Xinshu Dong & CMO Yiling Ding from the team to learn more about it.

What Is Nimiq (NIM)? The Browser-Based Blockchain

Nimiq is a browser-based blockchain, targeting mass adoption through it’s easy-to-use browser-based interface. Our guide explains all you need to know.

Distributed System Architecture: How Blockchain Revolutionized Peer-to-Peer Networks

P2P distributed system architecture had some serious challenges until Satoshi invented blockchain. Here, we explain why blockchain was a P2P revolution.

What Is Distributed Computing? Examining Blockchain’s Backbone

It’s one of the core technologies driving blockchain, but what is distributed computing? Here, we look at the technology including pros and cons.

What is Red Pulse (PHX)? | A Beginners Guide

Red Pulse was launched on the NEO blockchain in 2017. Our guide explains everything you need to know about the Chinese market intelligence platform.

How Blockchain Cryptography is Fighting the Rise of Quantum Machines

Blockchain cryptography keeps digital assets secure, but it could soon be threatened by quantum computers. Find out how, and what is being done about it.

2019’s Top Distributed Application Use Cases and Projects

We’ve taken a look at the ranking tables to determine distributed application use cases that are most popular among users. Here are the results.