The Best EOS Delegates of 2018

best eos delegates

With over 400 EOS delegates to choose from, you may find it difficult to decide which of the best EOS delegates you should throw your tokens behind. Your vote, no matter how big or small, is vital.

The 21 delegates with the most votes, the Block Producers, have substantial influence over the EOS ecosystem. They validate transactions, create blocks, and sponsor EOS community projects alongside other essential responsibilities. At this time, the top EOS Block Producer only has 2.46 percent of the votes, and only about 38 percent of token holders have voted. So, the race to the top isn’t over yet for any of the delegates.

Let’s break down some of the best EOS delegates and why you should consider voting for them.

starteos logo


China-based Starteos is the current Block Producer vote leader. With blockchain roots dating back to 2013, the company is one of the more experienced delegates. In fact, Starteos at one point established the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining operation, producing a load of 130,000 kilowatts at the time.

Starteos has a four-pronged plan on how to benefit the EOS community. The first initiative is to create a curated list of EOS decentralized applications (dapps). For this list, researchers and opinion leaders evaluate dapps to give you an accurate analysis of the top ones to use.

Additionally, Starteos has partnered with the School of Information and Software Engineering of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology for their second initiative, the Joint Laboratory of Blockchain Technology Research and Application. The lab’s purpose is to research different fields of blockchain such as security protection and real-world use cases.

To help build the community knowledgebase, Starteos also operates several educational social media channels. These channels (WeChat, Steemit, Reddit) provide EOS news and informational content.

Lastly, Starteos hosts a series of live classes and summits surrounding EOS and other blockchain topics.

EOS New York logo

EOS New York

EOS New York is another top-five Block Producer. The delegate began as a talk between two co-founders in November 2017, and in January 2018, a third joined the team as they officially launched. Although they call New York home, the full team is spread across North America, South America, and Asia.

The delegate abides by a Code of Conduct that includes (among other points):

  • Commitment to token-holders. EOS New York leadership values your opinion and will participate in open dialogue no matter the amount of EOS you stake.
  • Financial independence. There’s no outside influence or investment from entities that hold a vested interest in or any other Block Producer.
  • Transparency. The leadership team will always provide ample information on the delegate’s financials, operating team, and shareholders.
  • High network performance. All block rewards will be reinvested into the maintenance and scaling of the delegate’s infrastructure to ensure the utmost performance. logo

A veteran in the crypto space, Chun Wang leads Wang began mining in 2011 but is most well known for co-founding F2Pool in 2013. F2Pool has grown to become the world’s largest mining pool with the production of nearly one million BTC and four million ETH.

Like most other Block Producers, does not directly reward token holders who vote for them. They do, however, consider distributing a portion of their rewards to community members who host hackathon-type events. These events often lead to exciting new tech for the ecosystem, making them deserving of some compensation.

The team has also created EOS Fishlet, an EOS wallet that boasts thousands of daily users.

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Although this delegate is outside of the top-21, shEOS is worth looking into. shEOS is the only EOS delegate that is run by an entirely female team. The leadership team includes notable names in blockchain such as Emily Bush (Decentra Capital Managing Partner), Crystal Rose (Top 20 Women in Blockchain), Pamela Day (Paladin Trust CEO), and Jessica Houlgrave (Codex Protocol Co-founder / COO).

The shEOS team has a detailed roadmap with several projected milestones over the next year. In conjunction with their women empowerment values, they’re going to fund the first class of shEOS scholars in Q3 this year. Through the shEOS Foundation, the delegate will provide scholarships to help close the gender gap in the workforce. These scholarships help female applicants learn dapp development, receive industry mentors, and earn blockchain-related jobs.

The Best EOS Delegates – Who to Choose

These four delegates comprise just a short list of the hundreds of EOS delegates to choose from. If none of these choices appeals to you, we recommend checking out the full list of delegates to find one that does.

Probably the most critical factor to consider when casting your vote is how the delegate pledges to spend its block rewards. You want to select a delegate that will further improve the EOS ecosystem and is transparent about how they’re doing it.

We mentioned it once, but it’s worth mentioning again. The 21 Block producers have a significant impact on the fate of the EOS blockchain, so it’s imperative that your vote doesn’t go to waste.


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