Byteball Gets Steemy: Byteball Joins Steem Community & Airdrop

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Byteball, an ICO platform that offers an out-of-the-box solution for the compliant sale of security tokens, announced today that it would join the Steem community and airdrop Steem users. 

A notable component of this partnership is that Steem accounts will be able to link to Byteball accounts, allowing for the transfer of Bytes between parties using Steem usernames. This is a marked difference from the current peer-to-peer token transfer system, which involves sending tokens via standard randomized multi-digit/character addresses, to being able to send them to human-created & readable Steem usernames. 

This partnership also reveals some interesting synergies from two relatively unrelated cryptocurrency projects. For one, Byteball is able to connect with thousands of Steem users and present their user-friendly human-readable smart contract interface, and the highly community-centric Steem is able to welcome a new influx of Byteball users.

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