What is DeadFellaz: A Guide on the Ambitious NFT Brand and Collection

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DeadFellaz is an Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 NFTs (ERC-721s) launched in August 2021. The co-founders are Betty, a co-director of a creative production agency, and Psych, the lead artist of the collection. Maddy Kenyon is the 3D lead artist of the project. 

The collection features over 300 randomly generated traits and attributes including mouth, eyes, head, and body grades.

Much of the project’s popularity stems from the team’s activity and pursuit of ambitious milestones, as well as a variety of celebrity DeadFellaz holders.

Deadfellaz #5500
Deadfellaz #5500

The following DeadFellaz guide explores what makes the project tick, to the various endeavors behind the scenes, such as a foray into DeFi. 

The DeadFellaz DEADFELLAZ20 Token: From NFT to DeFi

For one, Deadfellaz has its own ERC-20 token, called DEADFELLAZ20, which is created to be used in NFT-20 liquidity pools. Yes, DEADFELLAZ20 is an ERC20 token specifically made for the NFT20 Pool, and it can be traded on Uniswap and SushiSwap.

The nft20 interface for Deadfellaz NFT into ERC20
The nft20 interface for Deadfellaz NFT into ERC20

If this is your first time hearing of liquidity pools, check out our in-depth guide on how liquidity pools work. 

If you’re familiar with liquidity pools, this is likely your first time hearing about NFT-20 liquidity pools. Similar to the more traditional liquidity pools, NFT-20 is a decentralized protocol that tokenizes NFTs in order to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges and other automated market makers.

But, aren’t NFTs already tokenized?

Correct, but they are tokenized as ERC-721s, which means each token is unique and derives its value from its specific attributes. 

So, this “tokenize the tokens” idea is to use the NFT as collateral and the basis to create a bunch of fungible tokens that can be seamlessly traded since they’re of equal value, like ETH or BTC.  

DEADFELLAZ20 tokens are created from the DeadFellaz NFT, and they can be swapped for Ethereum on Uniswap

NFT20 also enables the fractional ownership of NFTs. Some collectors may find the DeadFellaz NFT floor price high, so instead of buying a single DeadFellaz NFT, they can buy DEADFELLAZ20 from the pool, which corresponds to a fractional ownership in an NFT for a corresponding fraction of the price.

Currently, DeadFellaz holders can deposit the DeadFellaz NFT into the NFT20 pool and receive 95 DEADFELLAZ20 tokens in return. 

You can also swap one DeadFellaz NFT for another, or even buy a DeadFellaz NFT directly from the pool using ETH, which may help save gas fees. 

This movement from NFT to tokenized NFT on a DeFi platform is an extremely new concept, and it’s unique to see an NFT project such as DeadFellaz so “in the weeds” in DeFi innovation. 

Acquisition of Decentraland Plots and the Related Halloween Events 

The DeadFellaz project purchased 24 plots in the Decentraland metaverse. It opened the “Deadzone 13” on 29th October 2021, in Decentraland. Deadzone 13 can be accessed here by connecting an Ethereum wallet to the site. The zone is token-gated, which means that you must have at least one DeadFellaz NFT in the wallet to enter the plot. 


The DeadFellaz team hosted a Halloween party in 2021 featuring the works of artists and musicians Jasmine Solano, Tim Baresko, and WUKI. The Deadzone 13 hosted another Halloween event with DJ Steve Aoki, during which the DJ performed an exclusive set for DeadFellaz and Aoki NFT holders. 

Other Collections from the DeadFellaz Team

Following the Halloween event, 13 exclusive limited-edition NFTs, called Infected DeadFellaz, were airdropped in collaboration with 13 guest artists. The airdrops happened one set per day. For the Infected DeadFellaz collection, each guest artist created a 1/1 DeadFellaz inspired artwork. As of writing, the collection’s floor price is 0.95ETH.

In the 2021 Halloween season, the founder Betty dropped an NFT collection pack on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. The Betty Pop Horror collection featured nine artworks, each with 25 editions, that depicted Betty in horror-inspired style. The collection has 0.5ETH floor price on OpenSea at the time of writing. 

DeadFellaz Collaborations and Competitions

Several celebrities have bought pieces of the DeadFellaz collection, spurring hype and purchase frenzies. 

Elijah Wood bought DeadFellaz #9821 on September 28th, 2021, and the trading activity of the project increased by 20%. The actor has two more DeadFellaz in his wallet, one being a gift from the Twitter user ROMbrandt.

The DeadFellaz team collaborated with Cyber to create an immersive gallery; twenty gallery settings were given to the “Draw The Undead ” contest winners, a DeadFellaz-inspired derivative art challenge. The jury included the well-known NFT artist Fvckrender. 

Jonathan Foerster won first place. 

Another milestone in 2021 was the song contest, Songs of the Dead, where the team asked the community to compose a song inspired by the collection. Bands Doksan and Pussy Riot were the juries. Musician Zaug’s submission won the contest, winning 3 ETH as a prize.  

DeadFellaz also partnered with the AR company Jadu which creates NFT hoverboards for avatars. 5,555 hoverboards for the DeadFellaz were minted at 0.222ETH on 12th December 2021. All owners of the original DeadFellaz NFTs were eligible for the raffle. 

Per rarity.tools data, the rarest DeadFellaz NFT is #1054. This peculiar NFT has purple fur, which only 2% of the whole collection has. 

The rarest Deadfella
The rarest Deadfella

At the time of writing, the floor price of the collection on OpenSea is 1.83ETH, and the all-time trading volume is 14ETH with an average price of 0.6622ETH.

The Upcoming DeadFrenz Collection: 

DeadFellaz announced a new NFT drop of “frenz” in 2022. These new characters will join DeadFellaz as loyal companions on their journey through the metaverse. There’ll be 13,000 DeadFrenz NFTs. Original DeadFellaz holders can mint one NFT per wallet for free. The owners of the DeadFellaz Infected series and the Betty Pop Horror packs will have the right to mint one NFT at a special price of 0.1ETH. 

These three privileged groups will have 72 hours to mint. After that, the collection will open for public sale. Furthermore, holders of the original NFTs with the white sunglasses, blue stripes, and dark gray brand tee traits will receive an exclusive breed of DeadFrenz. 

Final Thoughts: The Future of DeadFellaz

DeadFellaz emerged as one of the top up-and-coming projects to follow in 2021, and it received a significant bounceback in 2022 in terms of volume, attention, partnerships, and celebrity ownership, such as NFL wide receiver OBJ. 

The project’s roadmap boasts: 

  • Limited merch releases where the community will be able to order hoodies, mugs, and tees. 
  • A collaboration with a sticker company that will produce high-quality vinyl stickers.
  • DeadZone13 will introduce new features, like mini-games, puzzles, and a wearables store.
  • The Sandbox partnership, which was hinted at in 2021, will begin officially. 
  • A partnership will occur with Youtooz Collectibles to bring about vinyl DeadFellaz collectibles. 
  • A branch focusing only on music will launch. It’ll be called DEFI DEATH. 
  • 3D rigged models of the original 10,000 DeadFellaz will be distributed to their owners. Original 2D NFTs will remain as they are; these models will function as avatars in the project’s upcoming metaverse activities. 

Not quite in the blue-chip realm of NFTs yet, DeadFellaz is positioned for plenty of upsides. With an incredibly active leadership team in pursuit of leveraging the many different things cryptocurrency offers, from DeFi to metaverse integrations. 

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