What is GourdLords NFT? A Guide to Magic Collective’s First NFT Launch

What is GourdLords

GourdLords is an Ethereum-based collection of 10,000 randomly generated ERC-721.

Each GourdLords NFT by the Magic Collective studio is unique and randomly generated from over 150 hand-drawn assets across six traits. 

These traits include: 

  • 14 Backgrounds
  • 42 Head and Expression Combos
  • 42 Artifacts
  • 19 Wardrobes
  • 36 Hats

The GourdLords world borrows from aspects of fantasy, sorcery, and mythical beasts.

The GourdLords roadmap includes bottom-up game development, airdrops to holders, metaverse items, and much more. 

About GourdLords NFT

The team behind GourdLords has yet to reveal itself or its investors, but the site hints at it being a large team of artists, executives, and cryptocurrency developers– each world-class in their own right.

The site’s bio describes the project’s multi-time founder and a team of “expert metaverse magicians, art alchemists, word wizards, NFT necromancers, and social media sorcerers.”

The project’s senior-level artists are ominously credited as being the “masterminds behind some of your most beloved video game character art.”

Ownership of a GourdLord NFT has the following utility:

  1. Free minting passes to future NFTs each time MagicCollective announces a new drop. Mint pass holders can hold, sell, or trade their mint pass– but only active mint holders have the ability to claim the future NFT drop associated with the pass. 
  2. Exclusive access to upcoming giveaways including new NFT drops and merchandise. Each NFT is a 1x automatic entry into the giveaway (multiple holders get multiple automatic entries.) Holders also get voting rights for what to do with the community budget of $50,000.
  3. Eligibility to be on the GourdLords community leaderboard. The top 25 holders get access to additional airdrops, leaderboard giveaways, and other means of sharing in the project’s success. 

The most unique feature of the lot is holders of the original GourdLords launched in October 2021 receive the highest-ranking order among Collectors within the MagicCollective ecosystem; future collectors would join at a secondary tier of membership. 

The GourdLords Roadmap

The Pre-Sale phase on the roadmap focuses on exclusive giveaways, early online events, and co-branded opportunities to increase exposure for the project’s social media and discord channels. 

Once 25% of the GourdLords NFTs are sold, $50,000 is transferred into the MagicCollective.ETH wallet for community purposes, which includes the allocation to future projects. The GourdLords holders will have voting rights in how to spend the funds, whether it be for new projects, charitable projects, or distribution back to holders. 

Once 50% of the GourdLords NFTs are sold, MagicCollective will release all rarities and all metadata to the community. Three token holders will get a mystery box valued at $5,000. 

Once 75% of the GourdLords NFTs are sold, the verified GourdLords holders receive access to another minting event for free (excluding gas fees charged by the Ethereum network.)

Once all of the GourdLords NFTs are sold, MagicCollective will reveal new opportunities for collectors, which have yet to be announced.  

Final Thoughts: Are GourdLords Legit and Truly Magical?

Seeing as GourdLords is in its early phases pre-launch and pre-minting, there are plenty of upsides (and some risk) to early involvement. 

The minting price for GourdLords is set at 0.08 ETH + gas fees, and it’s tricky to estimate how much any NFT will sell for in secondary markets. 

It seems MagicCollective is positioning itself for future metaverse development, which likely means there will be many more features tagged onto the current GourdLords NFTs that have yet to be announced (see our article on bottom-up development, featuring commentary from a GourdLords rep.)

GourdLords starts minting on October 21, 2021.  We recommend joining the project’s Discord and Twitter to stay as up-to-date as possible. 


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