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Loopring, Nebulas Founders Establish Blockchain Development Community for Ex-Google Employees

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GBA Targets Google Talent

A crew of former Google employees turned crypto entrepreneurs have come together to form the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA). The association is catered towards Google employees who are dedicated to developing blockchain technology.

According to an April 15th press release, Hitters Xu (Nebulas founder, NEO co-founder), Daniel Wang (Loopring founder), and Andy Tian (Gifto founder) created GBA in response to the surprising dearth of talent in an industry that has a rising demand for developers. It’s the trio’s hope that the Alliance will pool employees from Google to address this talent gap and accelerate blockchain’s adoption and development.

“This community will serve as a collaborative space for inquiry, dialogue and development regarding blockchain technology for Googlers,” the press release reads.

The initiative appears to be targeted solely towards former or current Google employees (“Googlers,” as the press release calls them), as the invitation to join the movement is not extended to those without ties to Google.  Andy Tian believes that the company has a track record of being ahead of its time for formative technologies, such as AI and the Android OS, and the press release holds that “Googlers, as some of the most innovative and forward-thinking people in the world, can play a big role in accelerating the success of blockchain.”

As Google and other tech companies shutter crypto-related ads and content on their platforms, GBA’s formation could signal an evolving turf war between legacy tech and the emerging blockchain industry, especially given its founder’s emphasis on culling ex Googlers to join their ranks. With demands for blockchain-related jobs on a steady rise, legacy tech companies could be pitted against newcomers for coding talent–a portent that Xu’s, Wang’s, and Tian’s departures from Google for their own successful crypto projects suggest is not too far from reality.

The xGoogler’s Blockchain Alliance has active communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beijing, and Shanghai.  For additional info, you can visit GBA’s website.



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