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Cryptocurrency Symbol 7 Day Change
Centra CTR -44.12%
ChainLink LINK -32.55%
Gnosis GNO -29.42%
Kin KIN -24.54%
Veritaseum VERI -24.02%
MCAP MCAP -23.54%
MonaCoin MONA -21.83%
ATMChain ATM -21.58%
Sprouts SPRTS -18.50%
Nexus NXS -15.76%
FunFair FUN -15.01%
Dentacoin DCN -13.25%
Basic Attenti... BAT -12.72%
Ripple XRP -12.64%
Wings WINGS -11.95%
Bitdeal BDL -11.65%
Melon MLN -11.44%
SONM SNM -11.43%
Blocknet BLOCK -11.30%
Edgeless EDG -10.64%
Storj STORJ -10.56%
Bancor BNT -10.13%

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