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This Week in Cryptocurrency – November 3rd, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: World’s largest exchange hops on board Bitcoin, Bitcoin may be back in China, & South Korea regulates Bitcoin as commodity.

This Week in Cryptocurrency – October 27, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: Bitcoin breaks the $6,000 barrier, Woz loves bitcoin and Venezuelan citizens have been mining coin to survive inflation.

What is the next Bitcoin? Here are 4 possible candidates.

What is the next Bitcoin”? Check out four of the most promising alternative cryptocurrencies with huge potential that we’ve picked for you.

This Week in Cryptocurrency – October 20th, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: Bitcoin price is even after last weeks surge, another ethereum fork while Canada is reportedly keen on crypto.

What is SegWit2x? Here’s What You Need to Know.

This article traces Segwit2x origins and discusses what scaling could make Bitcoin to meet the increasing volume of transactions on the network.

This Week in Cryptocurrency – October 15th, 2017

Among this week’s highlights: Bitcoin reaches all-time high while altcoins were down and the Japanese yen overtakes the yuan in fiat to crypto volume.

Ripple vs Bitcoin Comparison

In this Ripple & Bitcoin comparison, we will discuss how Ripple plans to coexist with Bitcoin, by solving a unique set of problems & using a different approach.

Dash vs Bitcoin: Has Dash Successfully Overcome Bitcoin’s Shortcomings

In this Dash and Bitcoin comparison, we will take a look at Dash’s attempts to solve many of the problems found in Bitcoin and see if they have succeeded.

Monero vs Bitcoin: Monero Adopted by Privacy Focused Crypto Users

In this Monero vs Bitcoin comparison, we’ll show you how Monero’s gaining popularity from bitcoin users looking for more privacy and faster transactions.

How to Send and Receive Bitcoin | CoinCentral Simple Beginners’ Guide

Crypto Fundamentals: In this beginner’s’ guide you’ll learn how to get a bitcoin address, as well as how to send and receive bitcoin using a wallet.