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This Week in Cryptocurrency: March 22, 2019

This week in cryptocurrency: Jack Dorsey continues his crypto crusade, IBM and Stellar make big moves, and Chicago targets crypto. Read it all here.

Bitcoin Legal Issues | Important Cases You Should Watch

Check out the important Bitcoin legal issues that may reshape the market and shed light on some long sought after questions soon.

A History of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency’s Most Illuminating Moments [Infographic]

Learn how bitcoin got it start in this visual timeline. An infographic covering the history of bitcoin from before the white paper to present day.

Bitcoin Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Hibernating

Bitcoin isn’t dying, it’s just hibernating. The king of crypto can’t be measured purely with price and by many accounts, it’s still flourishing. Here’s how.

Over 150k Bitcoins Accumulated by Bitcoin Whales in 60 Days

While the crypto market has been reeling from the sudden slump that occurred in November 2018, bitcoin whales have apparently been increasing their crypto holdings. This is according to Weiss…

Confused by Crypto? Here’s a Guide to Bitcoin for Dummies

Confused by crypto? Does blockchain boggle your brain? Then panic not. For the benefit of the uninitiated, we put together a summary of Bitcoin for dummies.

How Does Social Sentiment Affect the Bitcoin Market?

There’s a rather unhealthy obsession going on with price in the Bitcoin market. What lessons can we learn from social sentiment trends?

Abra CEO Bill Barhydt Announces New Equity Investment Feature

Abra’s CEO Bill Barhydt tells CoinCentral about their new equity feature that allows Abra users to invest in equities using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Travel and Transport: Can Blockchain Evolve How We Get Around?

Blockchain is impacting how we move people around the world. Whether it is traveling spending only crypto or how blockchain is being deployed in transport.

This Week in Cryptocurrency: February 22, 2019

This week in crypto: FBI cracks down, Elon Musk spreads some Bitcoin positivity, and S Korea plays follow the leader. Read about it in our weekly roundup.