UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept

Image of UNA Blockchain logo.

The immutable blockchain can bring a tremendous level of transparency to the technology industry, and one company, UNA Blockchain, a Hopium subsidiary, is working to integrate layered decentralized cryptographic systems in cars.

Hopium, the company’s parent firm, specializes in developing hydrogen cars for a greener environment and will be among the first to put the technology to the test. The UNA Blockchain technology will primarily be used to track vehicles’ emissions footprint with the data being recorded on the blockchain.

It will also have the capacity to be connected to vehicle security subsystems to provide auxiliary safeguards. For car owners looking to set up driver limitations, this option will be available and will work by verifying driver permissions on the blockchain and blocking out unapproved parties.

Furthermore, the automated feature will be programmed to store user profiles on the blockchain where they can’t be edited or hacked, thereby enhancing vehicle security. For approved users, limitations preventing some drivers from performing certain actions will be applicable. Access to the glove box could, for example, be limited to only certain persons.

Added Convenience Through Blockchain

The UNA Blockchain car system will allow car manufacturers, owners, and dealers to confirm a vehicle’s history. Registered information related to this will include authentic spare part incorporations since rolling off the production line, the number of owners, and mileage.

By having crucial vehicle usage statistics recorded on the blockchain, emission rates will be verifiable and zeroed to a specific vehicle and driver. Such crucial data will be accessible to Hopium engineers for analysis and would also be availed to environmental impact authorities and other interested parties if needed.

Besides this, the UNA Blockchain system will log personalized driving preferences that are transferrable to different vehicles if the driver ever wants to do this.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

The UNA Blockchain system is designed to promote vehicle safety through a multi-faced formula. The use of quality components is among the primary elements targeted by the system to achieve this. Once installed, it will allow unique parts from partner manufacturers to be signed onto the blockchain, thereby verifying their authenticity.

This approach will ensure that UNA clients get vehicles made with high-grade, authentic bits and help pinpoint issues arising from certain manufacturers and parts, especially in the event of a malfunction.  

The UNA Blockchain venture seeks to unify mobility, lowered emissions, transparency, and security through blockchain technology.  



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