11 Bitcoin Memes to Cheer You Up on a Bad Bear Day

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The last few weeks have been… well. We don’t need to tell you. Watching the crypto markets right now feels a bit like Wile E Coyote must when he realizes the road ended three steps back and the only thing beneath him is an open canyon. We all have every reason to wallow in a pit of depression, binge-watching Netflix while eating Pringles by the tube and mourning wealthier times. (Or is that just me?) But, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to cheer you up in these dark hours, it’s a page full of Bitcoin memes, amirite?

If we can thank the world wide web for anything, it’s the gift of the meme. From Condescending Wonka to Evil Kermit, from Success Baby to Grumpy Cat, we cannot get enough of the memes. The thing about Bitcoin memes is that most of them are now completely out of date for the current market. We don’t want to be tormented with memes about Lambos or moons.

Like this dude, haunting us with the past. 

Bitcoin memes high price

Wrong. Just wrong. 

So, in a shameless attempt to cheer you up AND remain entirely relevant to this blackest of periods in 2018, we’ve been off on a mission. We’ve trawled the depths of meme-dom to find ten of the best Bitcoin memes that fulfill two simple criteria. They must be reasonably amusing, and timelessly relevant to the current bear market.

Not a Lambo in sight, folks. 

10 Bitcoin Memes for a Bear Market

1. Two Weeks Ago, I Was a Normal 25-year Old… 

harold crypto meme

The crypto markets can be stressful and unlike the stock market, they never close. Make sure you don’t spend all hours looking at CoinMarketCap. Don’t be like Tom of the Bitcoin memes. 

2. Keep Calm and Hodl On 

Hodling through these markets can be difficult, but in seven years, things could look very different. Imagine if you’d bought your BTC seven years ago… 

3. His Bark is Worse 

Bitcoin memes dog

If you bought in during the December 2o18 peak, then you’ll be feeling the sting more than most. Probably best to avoid any conversations with this dog. And most people in the crypto community. 

4. The Worlds Biggest Empty Spaces

Bitcoin memes markets

At least we can take heart in the fact that Bitcoin is following the trend of some of the most successful brands of our time. 

5. The Gamers Have it Pretty Bad Too

Bitcoin memes Bean

If this happens, we know we’re in trouble. 

6. Some People Will Just Never Get Crypto…

Bitcoin memes explaining

It all makes sense in your head, but explaining it to your family never works out as you wanted it to. 

7. … No Matter How Much We Explain

 Bitcoin memes what we do

8. The Lessons of History

Bitcoin memes history

Bitcoin memes: Making us wish we paid more attention in class since 1809. 

9. Mining in a Winter WonderlandBitcoin memes miner in winter

Now, maybe its a miner. Or perhaps, in this market, they’re growing weed. We’ll just never know. 

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10. My Blue, Blue Heart

Bitcoin memes heart problems

Ok, we admit to doctoring this Bitcoin meme ever so slightly. But only because the STRUGGLE IS REAL, y’all. 

11. Old McDonald Had a Farm

Bitcoin memes farms

And on that farm, he had several hundred ASICs, and a significant electricity bill. 

So there you have it – that’s our selected eleven of the best Bitcoin memes for this bear market. Hopefully, we brought you a smile during these dark and wintry days. And if we didn’t,  you can find us over there. Crying into CoinMarketCap. 

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