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Ryan Smith

Blockchain Identity Management | Data Security 2.0?

Blockchain identity management may be the next step in data security. Big name brands aren’t protecting our data. Here’s how blockchain holds the answer.

What Is Identity Management? Security in the Age of Anonymity

Identity management is the ability of individuals and/or corporations to access the right resources when they need it and for the right reasons. Learn more here.

Stablecoins and Currency Pegs: What Can History Teach Us?

Stablecoins and currency pegs. Projects are racing to bring these products into crypto. But what can history teach us about creating fixed exchange rates?

The Future of Cloud Computing | Blockchain Will Have Its Day

The future of cloud computing is unfolding. Despite lots of hype around AI and big data, perhaps the biggest change will come from the field of Blockchain.

The Obelisk Miner SC1: Do Open-Source ASICs Have a Future?

The Obelisk miner SC1 has recently been launched. Controversy has erupted in the community around the future of mining. Can Obelisk open-source ASICs?

HashFlare Review | Cloud Mining Takes Another Reputation Hit

In this HashFlare review we take a look at the recent suspension of the popular SH-256 Bitcoin contracts. Is cloud mining a viable way to make money?

A Beginners Guide to Privacy Coin Mining | How to Mine ZCash

In this guide we’re going to help you get started on how to mine ZCash. With an extra layer of anonymity, ZCash mining remains popular and profitable.

Bakkt: A Global Ecosystem for Regulated Digital Assets

Bakkt, a self-proclaimed ecosystem for regulated digital assets. Launched by the NYSE’s owner, can Bakkt pave the way for institutional money into crypto?

Five Popular Dapps on Ethereum You Can Use Today

Popular dapps have given way to ICOs in the last few years. We take a look at a few applications actually making use of Ethereum’s original design.

Coin Dance | Community Driven Cryptocurrency Statistics

Coin Dance is a community driven site which aims to decentralize even the statistics element of the cryptocurrency revolution. Here’s how it works.