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The world is awash with information. This is both the beauty and ugliness of the internet, a real-life paradox. Just about anyone, anywhere can publish their own content and this sometimes makes getting hold of the most relevant and interesting cryptocurrency news a difficult task.

But not to worry, CoinCentral we have you covered! So, we’ve compiled our own cryptocurrency news source roundup to ensure you never miss a beat. In addition, some of these sources have their own cryptocurrency news apps. If you’re often on the go, then having a good fingertip resource for those airport and guesthouse wifi moments will certainly come in handy.

We invite you in joining us in tipping our hat to fellow media sites and news sources doing a great job at helping establish the cryptocurrency industry.  


CoinDesk is a long-running publication (for the relatively young cryptocurrency news space) and was first established in 2013. They currently receive over 10 million unique visitors via their web publication and various social media channels. The site provides extensive coverage on crypto, news, and events happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

CoinDesk has a number of nifty website features including State of Blockchain which covers key trends, data and events in the industry for the previous year. The other is their widely sourced Bitcoin Price Index which has been used by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Cryptocurrency News
Coindesk, a leader in cryptocurrency news

They are also the host of the annual Consensus summit which takes place in New York City. Consensus is considered by many enthusiasts to be one of the go-to conferences on the crypto world circuit.


CoinTelegraph too was founded in 2013 at the height of one of Bitcoins’ many bubbles. CT is an independent publication which covers all things cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized applications and the future of finance. They have a large team of international writers and produce regular content on a daily basis.

The site is well known for its unique cartoon-styled illustrations dedicated to each post.

Cryptocurrency News
A sample of Cointelegraphs’ cartoon-like illustrations


Despite a number of older sites upgrading to a sexier interface, BitcoinTalk has maintained its roots. It’s still more of an old-school resource and has mostly kept its original message board format which was so prevalent in the late 90’s and early noughties.

Cryptocurrency News
Bitcointalk – old school!

BitcoinTalk was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 as a place for enthusiasts to discuss the technical details of Bitcoin. Of course, since then it has evolved into a whole new beast with technical discussions in all areas of the cryptocurrency sphere. It is also a considered highly prized source for ICO’s to market themselves on.


Reddit has consistently ranked in the top 20 most popular sites in the world for years. It’s one of the leading sources for community-curated news. The crypto community has flocked to Reddit precisely because of its decentralized nature.

While mainstream publications continue to push their own agendas online, places like Reddit allow anybody to publish their own content. It’s no wonder then that ICO projects continue to pour resources into marketing themselves on this platform.

Cryptocurrency News
Reddit never fails to amuse!

The obvious downside for Reddit users is you really have to do your own homework if you want to find good quality content. However, we’ve made that a little bit easier for you. Some of the  popular subreddits (or forums dedicated to a specific target on Reddit) include:


Twitter remains a crucial resource for any serious cryptocurrency enthusiast. The microblogging platform is used by experts worldwide for quick tidbits of information as they unfold throughout the working day, and in fact, every day.

Articles take time to produce and receive approval before they show up on your favorite cryptocurrency news site. Twitter skips this process by allowing you to follow your favorite personalities and receive their updates in real-time.

No platform is perfect however and Twitter is infamous for its trolls and ICO scams. Despite these issues, there’s still tremendous value in following a number of cryptocurrency experts. The following are worth checking out:

  • Andreas Antonopolous – Best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts
  • Vitalik Buterin – Public speaker, writer, programmer and co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and the Ethereum blockchain
  • Jameson Lopp – Infrastructure engineer at Casa, creator of and founder of
  • Trace Mayer – Entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech
  • Jimmy Song – Bitcoin developer & maximalist, teacher and venture partner at Blockchain Capital
  • Ari Paul – CIO & co-founder of Blocktower Capital, a leading cryptocurrency investment firm
  • Chris Burniske – Co-founder of Placeholder Ventures, a NY firm which specializes in crypto assets

There are of course many, many more. However, we would probably need several articles just to cover the growing list of influencers establishing themselves on Twitter.


And finally, no list would be complete without a serious mention of a notable up and coming cryptocurrency news website: CoinCentral of course! Despite only founding in October of last year (2017), CoinCentral hit a monthly readership of 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 readers (depending on the source) and is steadily growing. 

Unlike a few other well-known competitors, CoinCentral doesn’t spam you with ad or affiliate links. We focus first and foremost on providing top-quality content in all areas of the cryptocurrency field. While the majority of our content focuses on fundamental project guides, technical analysis, and other journalistic endeavors, we also put out the occasional bits of news with high quality insights. 

Cryptocurrency News
CoinCentral, making waves in the cryptocurrency space

We’ve also recently launched our live price ticker which currently tracks over 290 cryptocurrencies. CoinCentral provides weekly roundups, quick-hitting news pieces and plenty of in-depth articles covering all aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

We provide plenty of beginner guides if you’re just getting started:

And our articles section covers a wide variety of topics for those who want a deeper understanding of how crypto is shaking things up. Our weekly This Week in Crypto email series comes out every Friday and notes the most important news you need to know. Finally, many of you will want to stay up to speed on the latest news and press releases shaping this truly exciting field. Make sure to bookmark and stay tuned!

Final Thoughts: Cryptocurrency News Roundup

The best cryptocurrency news site out there will undoubtedly be a matter of personal opinion. Obviously, you know who gets our vote. But perhaps, more importantly, the key to informing yourself in the cryptocurrency space is to get a wide variety of sources. We’ve provided a number of useful ones here that are highly regarded by people in the cryptocurrency community.

The internet has democratized information flow. And because of it, we now have a wonderful new world of decentralized news services alongside the traditional players. Who gets your vote? Be sure to tweet us some of your favorite cryptocurrency news resources.

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