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Ethereum Classic, Consensys, Bitmain, and More: Crypto Startups Are Feeling the Price Dip

The 2018 price dip has been bloody, and no one has felt the impact more than crypto startups. Hundreds have shut down, with hundreds more laying off staff.

Why the Crypto Industry Needs to Forget Price Predictions

There was a time when the world cared about the solutions. Now, its all about price predictions, and the industry is taking a hit.

The Altcoin Race for King Heats Up: XRP Community Blames CoinMarketCap

In November 2018, everyone’s attention turned to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. However, in the background, something just as notable was happening: XRP overtook Ethereum to become the most valuable…

Allianz CEO Calls for Bitcoin Banning, Here’s Why That Won’t Happen

The CEO of investment and insurance giant Allianz says Bitcoin should be banned and that it has been used to defraud people. Here’s why that won’t happen.

Down 80 Percent, Is It Time to Buy into the Bitcoin Dip?

Bitcoin is down 80 percent since it skyrocketed in 2017. Find out if it’s time to buy into the Bitcoin dip or if it’s better to wait some more.

Forget HODLing, Is Spending the Only Way to Revive Bitcoin?

While HODLing has been hailed as how to revive bitcoin, the only way the digital currency can gain intrinsic value is by spending it.